Today we had our 30th birthday at work. We had the half day filled with training and lectures. When we arrived at the office in the morning we got two goodie bags with some carbs in them…

Before the training started I went out for lunch and I had a salad.

During the afternoon I went running a bit and then I was at two lectures. One for “pausing” and breathing and another about mental training.

The party was themed around the 80s and I had got myself some retro looking clothing, a wig and some “bling”. In this picture two of my colleagues and me in the middle…

And here is a picture of all of my team at HR and Payroll at Stadium.

For dinner we had a buffet and I had a couple of plates with 80s themed food.

The music was controlled by a really famous Swedish Radio DJ. All Swedes in my generation know him; “Clabbe”. A lot of really good 80s music…

The intake was



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2 Responses to Party!

  1. Norman says:

    Great pictures, thanks. And what about that LCHF cup? Haven’t seen that before.