Today I had an old, really simple, favorite. Fried chicken liver with only butter. The livver was seasoned with salt and pepper and a hint of curry.


The intake was


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  1. Judy MARCHESKI says:

    I logged on for the first time. I’ve been following dietdoctor for 8 mo. Lost 24 lbs. then weight loss stopped and can’t get it going again. I’m probably really insulin resistant after about 15 years of 7.2 A1C but no other symptoms of Type 2D. BG is staying at about 135 average. I’m getting very discouraged. I understand the program (after 53 yrs. of other diets) and do strict lc from Dr.Westman’s Page 4. I’ve even started a program of mild exercise (YUK, I must be desperate). Want to get ,y A1C down. Need to lose another 25 lbs. There is no one in my area to coach me. I try everything everyone on the website recommends. Have not tried zero carb. HELP !!!!!!

    • Tommy says:

      You can try to hold cheese and cream for a couple of weeks. Sometimes that can help. I am also stuck right now and I can imagine overeating cheese is part of my problem…


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