New iPad

Today I got my new iPad. It’s really nice and the retina is great! Not sure if it is really worth upgrading but since I got an ok price for the old one I think it’s ok. It is getting a lot warmer than the iPad 2. But it have a lot more power so it is probably normal…

It looks the registration of my company with the taxation authorities have been processed. I have not got anything “official” but it does look like it when I track the application ID. So today I did make my first purchase for the company. A boon on how to run a company… Might come in handy…

I am heaving trouble logging into the site for the nutritions so today I will post without that information.

For lunch we went out to an indian place. We all had a “Ceylon curry chicken” and at the desk they automatically asked if I wanted to skip the rice. I might have been here to many times lately…

For dinner I bought myself some filet of pork. To the pork I had spinach and garlic butter.

I might add the nutrition data once the site is up again.



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