Merry Christmas!

In Sweden the boxing day is “the day”. Gifts are traded when Santa comes around… Kind of… In my family we do not really do anything special for Christmas. We have a lot of christmas food and play a little dice game to exchange gifts. I “won” a dessert burner… Yupp, only one gift. I brought 3 gifts to the game but had the dice against me… 🙂

For food we had a site classic Christmas buffet with the cold cuts for lunch

and the warm stuff for dinner.

Some other gaming also happened. First Star Wars: Destiny before lunch and then Gorechosen in the evening.

It is hard to calculate the intakes but I think I am pretty close with this…

As seen on the first picture above, I had some Coke Zero… I had several cans during the day… I know it is something you might want to avoid but now and than I do drink some…



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