Seasoning mix for butter

After all that eating and drinking (water)  I gain some weigh… Mostly I think it was all the water I drank during the day. The weight shoud be a bit lower tomorrow (I think)…

Today I wat at work for a couple of hours and after that I walker for 3 hours to get me something to eat today… I got a couple of nice pork chops and a lot of minced meat.

At the food fare last week I got a couple of pre made butter seasoning. The brand is one of the most famous chefs in Sweden but the butter was a bit of a disappointment. I bought three mixes and will try the others later.

This one was a kind of barbecue butter but mine is better… 🙂

The butter was used on the chops…

Todays intake was:




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2 Responses to Seasoning mix for butter

  1. alex says:

    hi tommy,

    for the late arrivals, could you please sometime tell a bit about how you prepare the seasoned butter? I would be interested in what kind of butter do you use (ghee, cheap off-the shelf, etc), what temperature do you mix it with the seasoning (liqiud or solid), whether you use a blender or mix it by hand, and finally, how you store it when it’s done.

    thank you in advance,
    a random LCHF fan

    • Tommy says:


      I always use high quality normal butter. Sometimes “un-salted” but most often the standard Swedish butter. No ghee nor margarine eats. Real butter. I do use ghee for cooking sometimes but not for seasoned butter.

      The best result if is the butter is room tempered. It is easier to get the seasoning mix good. I have tried melting the butter but as soon it gets to hot the salt starts to “spit” so for a seasoned butter I use it soft but not liquid.

      I form the butter to rolls cut into 20g a pice bits and put it in the freezer. When I start preparing the food I take a couple of pieces out of the freezer and let them get room tempered. If I do make smaller batches I store in the fridge. I would sa a good butter keeps fresh for weeks and the seasoning gets better after a couple of days too…