Eating all day

Today I have been eating all day…

I started with baking some new ginger bread cookies based on the cookies I made a couple of weeks ago but with  another seasoning. They turned out really good.

Then I continued trying the recipes for the next edition of the magazine I am writing for. As usual this means eating and tasting a little to much of the good food. So the intakes for today was:

I also had plans for getting a lot of thing done for the apps and other practical stuff but I got totally stuck on Netflix and the TV-series “Lie to me”. Really good acting but the scripts tend to be quite similar… I am not surprised the series was canceled…

After a long day of cooking I had one of the experimental dishes for dinner. Meatballs with some special seasoning…


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3 Responses to Eating all day

  1. Laura says:

    wow those meatballs!! are we going to have access to those recipes ?

  2. Laura says:

    Thank you Tommy!!