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In late spring I was visited by a Korean TV-Team and today I got the “result” sent to be. It is a 52 minutes show with a lot of information and my part is quite short but from what I can understand good… I get to talk a bit a bout butter and eating fat and lucky for me none of the gym episodes they filmed got in the final cut… Nor did the scenes from work… Here are to screen shots from the movie. I am not really sure how I can post the parts I am in but I will extract them from the full show and ask if I can publish here.

16-1113-tommytappar-12112016-skarmavbild-2016-11-13-kl-00-00-53 16-1113-tommytappar-12112016-skarmavbild-2016-11-13-kl-00-02-53

Today I was at my parents house and I we had both lunch and dinner together. For lunch we got cauliflower “rösti” with pork.


For dinner we had escargots for starter…


…duck for main…


…and cheese for dessert.


The intake was




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