Bourbon marinated pork loin

Today I was back in my old ways. No breakfast and no lunch.

At home I hade some pork loin in marinade made from bourbon, soy sauce, chili and black peppers.

I fried the pork and seasoned with some salt. As a side I fried broccoli in plenty of butter.

The marinade was really good. Next time I will add some garlic and more chili. The broccoli was also tasty. Easy with just the butter and salt. Perfect fresh food!

During the evening I also managed to was some cheddar cheese…

I was thinking about eating some seasoned butter to the pork but I realized I am almost completely out of butter in the freezer so in the near future I have to stock up on different seasoned butter. I normally keep several boxes filled, but now I am running “dry”…

Today the food was:



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