Last dinner before a week of fasting

Today I was away helping a former colleague with “some” computer problems… 2 macs with OS older than 6 years… No wonder things are getting a bit shaky…

When I got home I fried me some chicken as my final meal before a couple of days of fasting. My goal is to fast until Friday evening…



The intake was



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5 Responses to Last dinner before a week of fasting

  1. Silke Barrow says:

    What made you decide to fast for several days? Just curious.

    • Tommy says:

      It is a little “buzz” about fasting after a book release from Dr Jason Fung and Jimmie Moore. So I will jump on that wagon and do som fasting… Maybe… 🙂


  2. Daryl Broussard says:

    i think the fasting is overrated, but that’s just my opinion… our bodies need fuel!

  3. mark says:

    I think it sounds like an interesting experiment in understanding your body. I have just started to eat low carb. I started the Harcombe diet 4 days ago and have lost 3.5kg. I was frankly a bit stunned by this so am sticking with it. I admire your weight loss journey and also am delighted at how you stumbled across your way of eating. best wishes Mark from London