Really nice conference food

I am at a HR conference at a place outside Stockholm. I must say this place have really nice food and my manager has yet again informed the kitchen about me eating Low Carb High Fat. So The food I get is slightly modified.

The lunch was a real nice and creamy mushroom soup…

…followed by a nice steamed salmon with cauliflower mash.

To the afternoon coffee everyone else got a sandwich or cake but I got a special plate with some nuts and fruits. I do have to let the world know that fruit is not LCHF… But the nuts where ok…

For dinner we got a five dish menu. First a small plate with pickled herring and roe.

Then oysters with some veggies.

As a main a really nice deer with some veggies. This was one of the best dishes of meet I have eaten in a really long time.

For first dessert we got a couple of nice cheeses. followed my some chocolate cake and ice-cream. I did not take any of the chocolate dessert so no picture of that.

To the coffee I tried a really small piece of chocolate.

Together wit three glasses of wine the intake went quite high on the carbs but low on calories and fat…


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