The votes are in…

On the Swedish site I asked my readers what they wants to read about. Out of 575 different votes from 139 voters 210 where on “Tips and tricks” or “practical LCHF”. Then came some votes on recipes and cooking. So I would say my Swedish readers are alla bout more or less practical stuff and not so much on theories. I can understand this since there already are several good “science” bloggs in Sweden. So I will continue writing more down to earth practical posts about myself and what I eat.

Speaking of what I eat… Today I had lunch with a external supplier to whom I have only talked to on the phone or via mail before. It was really nice to meet her face to face. We went to the local Indian restaurant and I had a beef stew with broccoli and cauliflower.

For dinner I made a “wook” of cabbage and minced meat. A lot of minced meet…

So I got pretty high on the proteins today.



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