To be standing in a field looking up a full day of sun was a big misstake. The sun burns in the end of August too… My face turned quite red during the night and my forehead hurts… A lot… I will spare you pictures… You have seen bacon before I guess…

Today I got myself a wheel for my X-Box one and I have been driving all day. Forza 6 is really good but some of the races are a bit hard even in the beginning of the career. I just had to get my own car in the game and it looks great. I did paint it white to be an exact copy of mine.

16 0828-TommyTappar -28082016-IMG_8413

For dinner I had a lot of sausages (only half of them on the picture) and cheesy scrambled eggs.

16 0828-TommyTappar -28082016-IMG_8414

The intake was

Skärmavbild 2016-08-28 kl. 21.22.08


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