My first try at my very own app

Today I managed to get a lot of things “done”. I started the day with some experimenting in Xcode and then I left for work.

The lunch at work was some Biltong and butter… I guess it’s quite expensive so I will try to make my own next weekend. It was really nice as a quick snack.

When I got home I tried a new recipe of gingerbrad cookies. These ones was a little better than the last but not  the “real thing”.

The cookies ready for the oven:

The cookies ready for the plate:

The cookies ready for the mouth:

Good taste but they lacked the “crunch”. The stuff on top is blue cheese…

During the baking I also made dinner. I am trying out a recipe for the LCHF Magasine du right before christmas. I did a shrimp cole slaw that turned out really nice.

After dinner I had some more cookies and some nice cheeses from the fair yesterday.


I have now made my first little app… I did it just for fun and to learn how the GUI is created. Its only an app with some pictures and a way to navigate between them…

Todays nutritions was:





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