Why can’t I shut up…?

Yesterday I was mentioning the run I attended last weekend and I diskussed it with our Marketing Director. I told her I was actually thinking of running the “Midnightrun” (Midnattsloppet) in all four cities next year. Later when I was at the coffee machine our PR and Communication manager told me we had to do an series of articles about me running all four events… So from an “idea” over a cup of coffee to a plan in only half a day… I kind of committed to it so next year I will run in Stockholm, Helsinki, Gothenburg and Malmö… 4 10K races in 5 weeks. Good training for the marathon in the fall… 🙂


For dinner today I took a really easy way out. Pre cooked chicken, olives and pre made sauce bearnaise…

16 0823-TommyTappar -23082016-IMG_8388

The intake was

Skärmavbild 2016-08-23 kl. 21.03.06







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