Bad shrimps

Today planned for a nice shrimp wok but when I opened the package of shrimps they were soft and tasteless. They did not smell bad or anything but the texture and tastelessness made me throw them away… So I had do go for the same as yesterday. Eggs and sausages. To get some variation I added some asparagus.

16 0627-TommyTappar -27062016-IMG_8173

In the morning after my run I did boil me 3 eggs and some may, so the total intake for the day was

Skärmavbild 2016-06-27 kl. 21.31.44


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3 Responses to Bad shrimps

  1. Barbara says:

    Hi Tommy. What’s in those sausages? Is the fat content high? I hesitate to get any here because I think they are too high in protein. Thanks.

    • BobM says:

      Barbara, where are you? In the US, you can check the label and look for fat content. Unfortunately, they don’t list the percentage of fat content and only fat calories, so I usually estimate the percentage of fat content. You also have to buy “clean” sausage, with few additives. Some of them have corn syrup and other garbage added to them. You have to read the label. You can find sausages that are 70+ percent fat by calories.

      Also, Tommy adds homemade mayo which adds to the fat content (being basically all fat).

    • Tommy says:

      They are quite high on fat. If I look at the sausage it is 1% carbs, 28% protein and 71% fat. This is percentage of the energy intake, not the amount in grams. Fat is roughly twice the energy compared to protein.