Cleaning the apartment

I have been cleaning the apartment for some time and the reason is that I will have a television team here on Wednesday. A South Korean television channel got a recommendation to follow me for a day at work, shopping, cooking and also do an interview with me. So since they want to fil a bit at the apartment I really need to get it a little more “accessible”. I do have huge amount of gaming stuff everywhere…

This is my “gaming room” and living room… 🙂

16 0626-TommyTappar -26062016-FLGF9660

For dinner today I made scrambled eggs with a little cheese. Sausages and mayo was also added…

16 0626-TommyTappar -26062016-IMG_8167

The intake was

Skärmavbild 2016-06-26 kl. 20.27.51


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