Still coughing

I am still cough a lot from time to time. I just can’t get well… I am really missing running and training…

For dinner today I had chicken and a garlic mayo

16 0526-TommyTappar -26052016-IMG_7371

After some cheese and beer sausages the intake was

Skärmavbild 2016-05-26 kl. 23.01.58


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One Response to Still coughing

  1. Rieann says:

    Do hope you have seen a Doctor about that cough. It must be very debilitating.
    Please can you explain your graph of daily foods.
    How can you have negative calories? Is your fat consumption recorded as negative calories?

    Given that there are 4 calories per gramme of Protein and Carbohydrates does
    that mean you ate almost 600grammes of Protein and carbs?

    There are 9 calories per gramme of fat so your fat intake almost 260 grammes for the day, have I got that right?

    That would mean eating almost twice as much protein as fat, how does that work out with your statement that you eat more fat then protein, has me very confused.