Off to the Olympics

Every second year we have a huge competition at the company I work for. This year I heard over 1200 employees will participate. We meet up around lunch and then the different activities starts. All teams dress up in costumes and my team will be “pensioners” so we will all have wigs, “old” clothes etc. This is my first time at these olympics so it will be really interesting. After all the activities we have a huge party all night…

Today I had three meals… After my morning run I had two eggs withs some mayo. For lunch I had a nice shrimp salad.

16 0422-TommyTappar -22042016-IMG_6564

For dinner I had chicken wings as starter

16 0422-TommyTappar -22042016-IMG_6563

and beef for main.

16 0422-TommyTappar -22042016-IMG_6562

The intake was

Skärmavbild 2016-04-22 kl. 21.57.48



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