Cool restaurant

We have got a new cool restaurant in my neighborhood. It is called Pinchos and is a chain restaurant here in Sweden. So what’s cool about it. Well, it is an app-restaurant. When seated at the table you order all food and drinks on an app on your smartphone. Then you get a notification when it is done and you go and get it. It is a lot of tapas on the menus som there is a lot of testing different plates. When you are finished you pay directly in the app as well. It worked really goon and the food was great.

I hade two “rounds” of food. First shrimp salad i two different version and mushrooms in butter.

16 0331-TommyTappar -31032016-IMG_6506

And then chicken and a nice beef stew.

16 0331-TommyTappar -31032016-IMG_6505

The intake was after some cheese at home

Skärmavbild 2016-03-31 kl. 21.25.18



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