After the fast

I was a bit worried about how my stomach would reakt once I started to eat again after the 7 day fast… I felt nothing special at all. I started wit quite a lot of food but it was maybe good food to start with. Not much “hard” meat nor “hot” spices.

Today I had the same as yesterday, chicken seasoned with only salt and some different kinds of pepper. I fry the chicken on one side and then I turn them over and add a little bourbon. Really easy and really tasty!

16 0329-TommyTappar -29032016-IMG_6501

The intake was

Skärmavbild 2016-03-29 kl. 21.54.22


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2 Responses to After the fast

  1. Sandie Horan says:

    Thanks Tommy, I’ve been wondering how you cook your chicken. It always looks so tasty.

    • Tommy says:

      Really easy, in a lot of butter… I season with only salt and pepper. So there are no secret ways to my cooking. Hot pan and butter…