About the fasting

On the way home from the Nordic Low Carb cruise some weeks ago we had a long discussion about fasting and we decided to give a 7 day fast a try.

For me the week was almost to easy. I did not really have any problems at all. I was a little hungry now and then but not more than normally.

I was a little curious about how my running would be without eating but both Monday and Wednesday was really good. I had enough energy ro my shorter laps of 3.4 km.

It was only on day 6 and 7 I was thinking about food and I actually also had a dream about eating cookies so I woke up and had a really bad feeling someone saw me eating them… 🙂

So what effects did I get. Well, not that much really. I lost 2,2 kg in a week and that is off course good. I was expecting a little more, but over 2 kg in a week is pretty ok. Other than that I would not say I had any other positive effects.

I din not have that much negative effect neither. Sure, it was utterly boring not too cook nor eat and the blog got a bit sparse…

Some other positive things was also the cost of fasting… The whole week cost me under 10 USD. A couple of Coke Zero and bottled mineral water. It was also a good thing not having to do the dishes…

Will I do fasting again. Yes… Probably but only 3-5 days. Not 7.


Now I am back to the normal eating habits and after a long walk today I had a couple of eggs with mayo and for dinner I fried some chicken. To the chicken I had some butter.

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The intake was

Skärmavbild 2016-03-28 kl. 20.35.38


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3 Responses to About the fasting

  1. Solomon says:

    Hi, have you seen any metabolic improvements after breaking the fast? For example in Fasting Blood Glucose, Ketones, Insulin, etc.


    • BobM says:

      After performing intermittent fasting (many variations from not eating breakfast and/or lunch and/or dinner to several 4+ days and many 3+ days fasting) for about a year now, my fasting blood glucose is overall lower, as is my hemoglobin A1C, my HDL (the so-called “good” “cholesterol”) is 40% higher, my LDL (“bad” “cholesterol”) is about the same, as is my total “cholesterol”, my triglycerides are much lower. And I’m talking about from 6 months into low carb and about 2.5 years or so of low carb and 1 year or so of adding intermittent fasting (IF) to that. My insulin I believe is lower, but I’ve only had two tests done (I have to pay for this myself), one of which was taken after 4.5 days of fasting (and was lower at that time than the test could measure). I don’t measure ketones. I’ve lost somewhere between 25-30 additional pounds (20-25 kilos) since adding IF to low carb.

      Tommy is a bit different, as he does a version of IF anyway, as he only eats 1-2 meals per day. Since starting IF, I rarely eat breakfast, even when not fasting. I usually eat lunch and dinner when eating, but it depends (will sometimes only eat dinner, sometimes breakfast but not lunch, sometimes 3 meals a day).

      I personally find longer fasts (2+ days) easier, as my hunger tends to decrease over time.

  2. Tommy says:

    I have not checked the ketone levels nor glucose during the fast. And as Bob says, I do IF all the time so I do think my body is quite prepared for longer fasts as well.