Chocolate thingies and bacon butter

Ok, “baking” is not my thing… My first real attempt in years to follow a recipe to make something other than “food” was almost a complete failure. I miss-read a couple of things so I had to make a lot more of the chocolate balls I was trying to do…

I was only supposed to use 100g of butter but I took the whole package of 250g. The cocoa and other things got a bit lost in the butter before I realized my mistake… Quite nice in taste and maybe I will roll them in “coconut flakes” next time…

Today I also experimented with a new butter I do not think I have tried before. It might look a bit controversial du to the fact that it is fat into fat. Or kind of anyway… I made bacon flavored butter… 🙂

Mixed together:

And rolled up:

Really nice and will probably work well with almost anything. Even grilled fish.

Todays dinner was “leftovers” from yesterday. Diced roast of lambs:

Was turned into a soup with the broth from the slow cooking yesterday. Nice and warm after a 2 hour walk in a cold but sunny weather.

Todays nutritions was high on fat. This is most because of the “tasting” of the bacon butter and the chocolate things while preparing them… 🙂

As you can see I have been playing around with the colors. Not sure if this is better than the old ones…





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4 Responses to Chocolate thingies and bacon butter

  1. Daniel Adam says:

    What is in the chocolate thingies?

  2. Randy Walberg says:

    Hi Tommy
    When I studied in Sweden a number of years ago, we had fun making chocolate balls. I wonder if you would share your recipe.
    Thanks for continuing to post in English.

    • Tommy says:

      The chocolate balls are (basic recipe):
      100g unsalted butter
      3dl almond flour
      1,5 tablespoon cocoa
      1dl hazelnut flour
      1teaspoon arrak aroma
      stevia to wanted sweetness

      Mix everything together and keep cold tore an hor or two. Then try to roll the mix into small balls.