New scale of tanks

Today I was on a business trip and I had some “lunch”.

16 0225-TommyTappar -25022016-IMG_6401

(I did not eat the chocolate)

When I got home I had my favorite dinner. Chicken with butter… And parmesan cheese…

16 0225-TommyTappar -25022016-IMG_6408

The intake was

Skärmavbild 2016-02-25 kl. 21.51.41

I have got a rule set for a game using quite small miniatures… This picture sohows the new one to the left. The scale is “3mm”. The slightly larger is 15mm and the larges 28mm. The “mm” the height of an ordinary human (from the feet to the eyes). It will be interesting painting these… 🙂

16 0225-TommyTappar -25022016-IMG_6403


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2 Responses to New scale of tanks

  1. Chris says:

    Hi Tommi,
    Have been doing low carb high fat since November 2014 and have lost roughly between 23-25kg. Have seen your posts before but noticed this one as I have an interest in model figures and also just recently 1/35th scale tanks.

    • Tommy says:

      1/35 is a bit big for gaming but there are a lot of nice kits out there for that scale.