Blood sugar on orange juice

Today I followed up on the blood sugar testing by drinking 50cl of orange juice to compare with the Coca Cola and the Coca Cola Zero. Quite interesting result. For me the blood sugar levels increased more on the juice than on the coke. This can off course be a coincident but never the less, it was a difference in the numbers…

I also felt some kind of “rush” that I did not get from the coke and during the afternoon I had some headache and I got hungry earlier than normal. If all this is related to the orange juice I do not know. But I did experience it for some reason.

Early in the morning I started up the Croc Pot to do a roast of lamb.

The lamb simmered for 6 hours in water, onions, garlic, cabbage, celery, rosemary and some salt and peppers.

When it was done I ate it with the pizzabutter from yesterday and coleslaw.

I am experimenting a bit with the way to present the nutritions for the day. Please feel free to comment if this is better or worse than before…

As you can see the carbs are really high and most is from the juice…





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  1. Daniel Adam says:

    I like the colors Tommy.