Stir fry

No work today. Was awake almost all nigh coughing and blowing my nose…

During the day I have gotten much better so tomorrow I will go to work even thou it might only be half a day. I have to go to the police to get a new passport. The passport I have now is only valid until april and it is hard to get into the US without one… 🙂

After the weird night I was a little hungry in the morning so I had 4 eggs with mayo for breakfast.

For dinner I made stir fry with minced meat, paprika, broccoli and leek. I topped the dish with feta cheese.

16 0218-TommyTappar -18022016-IMG_6366

The intake was

Skärmavbild 2016-02-18 kl. 20.50.09


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