One year at Stadium

Today I have been one year at Stadium.

Skärmavbild 2016-02-16 kl. 21.18.55

It was a pretty large step to take for me when I choose to quit my last job after 15 years… I switched heavy service nuclear industry for sport and fashion retail… Since I work in Human Resources the change might not be as big as it seems and after a year I must say it was both a HUGE change and at the same time less of a change from what I expected. The business it self is really different. At Stadium everything is much faster. We count the daily sales compared to half and full year reviews… The business in our retail sector is extremely weather sensitive. We had the warmest December ever in Sweden and this had a huge impact on sales. Then we had cold January and we sold more winter clothing than ever…

So what do I really think after a year at Stadium. I must say I love it. It is a really interesting business and the brand is extremely well known in Sweden so whomever I tell I work for Stadium I hear I am lucky to be there. To be honest, once inside it is pretty much the same as other companies but we do have a great “Stadium culture” in our stores… I  have no regrets at all leaving my former employer but I do miss some of my former colleagues…

One year gone and plenty left to go at Stadium!

Today I made my last dish for the magazine. Recipe will come after the magazine has been published. It contains shrimps, cheese and more cheese… 🙂

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The intake today was

Skärmavbild 2016-02-16 kl. 21.20.14




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