Catching a cold

Today when I woke up I was a little hungry so I had a couple of eggs with some mayo. Then I started painting minis, cleaning the apartment and a lot of other stuff… Then during the afternoon I started feeling a little like I was catching a cold… I went to bed to 2 hours before a friend came over for some gaming.

16 0214-TommyTappar -14022016-IMG_6298

I kind of slept away the fever and right now I am only a little sour in my throat. I am a little “heavy” in the head to but I hope I will not be home sick tomorrow. Far to much to do in the office… I will not run tomorrow due to the cold. I heard its bad for you to run when sick… 🙂

I was planning on doing a new recipe for the magazine for dinner but due to the cold I did not really have any apatite so I only made a small omelette and had it with sausages.

16 0214-TommyTappar -14022016-IMG_6300

The intake was

Skärmavbild 2016-02-14 kl. 22.34.21


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