Freezing in Stockholm

Today I went on a business trip to one of our offices in Stockholm. I normally take an early train to be able to go for a walk before we start. Today it as snowing and was really cold once I arrived so the walk was really short…

For lunch I had a nice salad between the meetings. I knew I would come home pretty late so just to not be to hungry in the evening I had something to eat.

16 0212-TommyTappar -12022016-IMG_6289

When I got home I fried some chicken and made a butter seasoned with pepper.

16 0212-TommyTappar -12022016-IMG_6287

I also had a couple of sausages during the evening so the intake was

Skärmavbild 2016-02-12 kl. 23.11.02


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