LCHF Weekend in Karlstad

This weekend I have been in Karlstad (3 hours drive from where I live) for a get together wit some people from an internet community I have been part of for a couple of year. We had not met each other “live” before so it was with high expectations I drove the Saab westwards…

I had eaten quite a lot the day before so I did not eat anything until the dinner.

The dinner was at a Restaurant called “Freden”. The menu was quite LCHF-friendly. They even had Eggs and bacon on the many for starters. I have not seen that before. None of us had any starters so we went straight for the mains.

I had a double entrecote (rib eye for you Americans…) with Sauce béarnaise and butter.

We also got some broccoli and other vegs.

After the dinner we went for more drinks at another place and after midnight we managed to find our way back to the hotell.

The intake for saturday was:


I normally do not eat breakfast but since its included in the hotel price I had to get some benefits out of it. I got Cheese, butter, ham and some more cheese… (the picture is not that good).

After the drive home later today I was a bit hungry again so I woke up some Chicken, Paprika, Feta-cheese and Mushrooms.

The intake for today was:




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3 Responses to LCHF Weekend in Karlstad

  1. Sasha says:

    It’s amazing how you manage to keep your carbs so low .. i have tried but it seems i don’t feel well if my meal didn’t contain a good deal of veggies …and that spikes up the carb a bit … i am also still not quite comfortable with eating less veggies and fruit … i feel i would miss on a lot of nutrients

    • Tommy says:

      Don’t be afraid letting go of the fruits. There are much more nutrients in the “good” vegetables like spinach and broccoli than there are in fruits…