Black and White

Today my brother’s and my car finally met…

15 1129-TommyTappar -20151129-00001IMG_5875

Mine is the “white” one. It is a little dirty but you can still guess it is white behind the dirt… It is almost the exact same car even thou mine is a Toyota and the black one is a Subaru.

We met up at a Löfstad Castle to have our traditional family christmas buffet. I went for three plates of food and there was a little to much proteins.

15 1129-TommyTappar -20151129-00013QQYY8690

To get the energy from fat up a bit for the day I had a couple of beer sausages with mayo in the evening.


The intake for the day was

Skärmavbild 2015-11-29 kl. 20.56.00




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