Gaming and coffee

Today when I was away gaming and drinking coffee…

15 1031-TommyTappar -20151031-00001IMG_5424

… the soccer team from where I live won the Swedish soccer league (or whatever it is called in English).


50 meters from my apartment there was a huge welcoming home party for the team who won the last match against Malmö in the south of Sweden. So when I was on my way home from the gaming I just could not ignore the party so I stayed outside to look at the festivities.

15 1031-TommyTappar -20151031-00008IMG_5421

Over 22000 people on the town square… Pretty cool!

I planned on eating dinner tonight and break my fasting but I got home so late so I only had some (a lot of) water and will not have anything to eat untill tomorrow after a long walk. So it will be 60+ hours without any food. I do not feel hungry at all now so the only bad thing about the fasting is that it is boring not cooking or eating… 🙂

So the dinner tonight was

15 1031-TommyTappar -20151031-00010IMG_5422

And the intake

Skärmavbild 2015-10-31 kl. 23.32.04



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