Strange food

Today the food got a bit “strange”. I invited my brother over to help me change the lamp in my home theater projector (he is the engineer in the family). Last time I had to change I had a lot of problems so now I needed help… I got a bit “restless” so I tried to do the change myself before my brother arrived and I actually managed to do it… So when he got here he had “nothing” to do so we tested a new game I got last week and then we went out for lunch. The place we was going to was really crowded (and so was all places) so we got ourselves a chicken and some spare ribs and brought the food with us back to my apartment.

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After my brother left I took a walk and then I sat down with the computer to start editing some movies we recorded for the Christmas show. I have not really tried iMovie before but I must say it was pretty easy to learn. The problem was that I got really stuck for far to many hours… The time just flew away and all of a sudden it was midnight… 🙂 During my “hard work” I ate some cheese and drunk a lot of coke zero. 5 cans! That’s a lot of caffein and aspartam. :-). The cheese (150 g hard cheese and 125 g cream cheese) was all I ate during the evening. So no real dinner…


The intake was

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