No more chicken breasts

I have increased my running a little. Now I run 3 minutes and walk 2 minutes five times. So a total of 15 minutes. I really feel like running and I am looking forward to the next slot in my scheme. I will now run Monday and Friday mornings. I go to the gym Tuesday and Thursday.

After the run today I had some eggs before going to the office. The nfor dinner I fried chicken breasts and made a broccoli salad with a lot of mayo.

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I do not know why I buy chicken breasts. The thighs are so much nicer. I will never buy breasts again…

The intake was

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2 Responses to No more chicken breasts

  1. bill says:

    I agree. Breast is too lean.
    Good decision.

  2. BobM says:

    I agree too. It’s dark meat or no meat! 😉