The hunt for brussel sprouts

At work last Friday we had a discussion about brussel sprouts. Are they tasty or not… I do like them so I just had to buy some. I am always trying to get fresh vegetables but after looking for fresh brussel sprouts in 4 stores I had to get them frozen…

I fried my sprouts in olive oil and butter together with garlic and at the end I added a lot of parmesan cheese. To the sprouts I fried chicken and made a garlic mayo.

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The intake was

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3 Responses to The hunt for brussel sprouts

  1. Pirjo says:

    Fresh brussels can you buy only winter, then they are in season..

  2. ildi says:

    The answer is YES. Brussel sprouts are delicious.

  3. Laura Ackerman says:

    I was never a fan of brussel sprouts, but after starting low carb last year I have acquired a taste for them. I always chop up some bacon and onion and fry first then add them for extra flavor.