Thai lunch and no dinner

Today I went with some colleagues for lunch and we ended up at a Thai buffet. I do not normally eat but today I had a lot… The buffet was really nice and the sauces was not as sweet as the can be at asian placen. I had two quite similar plates so it was a lot of food. Mostly proteins (134g) compared to my normal leval at around 60. It’s gonna be interesting to se how low the ketones dropps tomorrow. I also ate quite low fat so the day was more of Low Fat High Protein… Not that good… The buffet did not have anything fatty at all except some olives… The spread for the bread was some kind of chemicals looking like butter…

But as I said the food was really nice. I might go there again for take away and add the fat at home…

Later in the evening after my gun practice I only had a pice (quite large, 100g) of cheese. But no other dinner.

I am not impressed by the iPhones flash photos… Maybe I have to buy me a iPhone 5… 🙂




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