Boone broth in the pot

I stayed over at my parents house and we left just after lunch. The lunch was really good. A gratin of zucchini, minced meat and cottage cheese. All in a nice tomato sauce.

15 0823-TommyTappar -20150823-00002IMG_4513

When I got home I filled my CrockPot with boones and some veggies to stark cooking a broth. I will leave it on over night and all day tomorrow so it will be around 24 hours in the pot. The nI will reduce it further tomorrow night.

15 0823-TommyTappar -20150823-00005IMG_4516

For dinner I just fried a couple of pork chops with butter on-top.

15 0823-TommyTappar -20150823-00007IMG_4518

The intake was

Skärmavbild 2015-08-23 kl. 21.22.58


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