Muscle fever

I have learnt a new word… Musle Fever. I had to look for a translation for the Swedish “träningsvärk” and this was it… Idid my second run this morning and today I shortened the walk between the short runs so I did 2 minutes of running and 2 minutes of walking five times. During the day my legs got muscle fever all over… I could barely take the stairs when I got home from the office. I did some stretching and now I feel a lot better. Now I have to rest until monday when I will run 3+2 4 times… 🙂

Skärmavbild 2015-07-31 kl. 22.29.46

For dinner I had a lot of beet. Two slices with spinach and parsley butter.

15 0731-TommyTappar -20150731-00017IMG_4140

The intake got a bit high on proteins thanks to all the beef… But it was worth it… 🙂

Skärmavbild 2015-07-31 kl. 22.27.00


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