Pork and spinach

During the whole day at the office I was not even close to hungry (so neither breakfast nor lunch today) but after a long extra walk (we have a walking contest at work) I managed to work “it” up a bit.

During the last mile I was thinking about what to do with the pork in the fridge so that got me even more hungry. I passed the store on my way home and got some spinach, bacon and gorgonzola.

When you let spinach simmer with fried bacon and cheese it gets really tasty. Almost too good actually… I can really recommend it. Be careful with the salt since the bacon can be quite salty.

During the cooking I managed to get me some cheese so the total of todays food ended up at:



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12 Responses to Pork and spinach

  1. Kent Altena says:

    Your photo of the spinach almost makes me want to try it — haven’t like it in the past. Did you start with frozen or fresh?

    • Tommy says:

      I try to use fresh as much as possible. This time it was fresh. I just dice the bacon in butter, add some diced garlic (optional, depending on what the spinach is side for) and black pepper. After a while I toss in the spinach and after like 20 sec I stir a little bit then ad graded cheese only to let it melt “into” the spinach. Up on a plate so t don’t get too “soggy”. Done!

      I have done this with frozen too. Not as good but still acceptable.

      Sometimes I add some double cream instead of part of the cheese. I guess cream cheese could be nice too…


  2. Melissa says:

    That meal looks heavenly. I have a bag of spinach here, and suddenly I know what I’ll be doing with it. 😉

  3. Kent A says:

    Just made the spinach tonight and it was really good. I’ll likely be making for a recipe video soon. Thanks Tommy!

    • Tommy says:

      Just watched the video. Looks even better when you are cooking it… 🙂


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  6. Sasha says:

    Your plates look tasty … it would be wonderful if you add a reciepe corner to your website … best of luck

    • Tommy says:


      It’s planned for but my workload is a bot heavy at work right now. I am trying to write details of what I eat every day even if is is in the “metric system”… 🙂


  7. Cary says:

    I know you may not read comments from old posts but I had to write how EXCITED I was to find your blog. My husband and I are starting HFLC and seeing your FOOD is helping me come up with menu ideas!! A huge help as I feel pretty lost. I had to go to the beginning of your blog so I can check out it all! Thank you! Cary from Orlando Florida.

    • Tommy says:

      I try to read comments on old posts too…

      My food looks a bit boring but it is good LCHF… 🙂


      • BobM says:

        Hey Tommy, I also wanted to thank you for putting your meals up. What I am doing (and my whole family is doing) now is adding butter (from grass-fed cows) to meat. For instance, I’ll add butter to chicken, beef, and pork. I did not do that before, but it’s a great way to increase the fat content.