Two halves

I started the day with some brakfast. It felt a bit strange to have brakfast without coffee… But I managed…


Today the we had six presentations at the LCHF camping in Säffle. Before the presentations I went for a walk in the sun. Säffle is pretty nice!

20150626-0106--6 20150626-0106--5 20150626-0106--4

During the dinner party in the evening I got a picture with me and Lindah who also have lost half her weight. So in the picture you can see two halves… 🙂


For dinner I had prepared some chicken and bought bearnaise and a ruccola mixed salad.


The variation on the grills looks nice.


The intake was

Skärmavbild 2015-06-26 kl. 23.27.06



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