LCHF Camping

Today I left early from the office to go to the Low Carb camp in Säffle… Two of my friends traveling from Stockholm had a car break down along the way and the timing was perfect. I saw a message on FB when I stopped my car to change audiobook in the phone. I was really close to them so I just got there and picked them up after the tow truck did it’s work…


(Picture taken by poor A…)

The camp is filled with low carpets and after the opening speech…


we gathered at the grills and tables to eat, talk and sing.


I had my prepared burgers with prefab bea and olives.


The intakes was

Skärmavbild 2015-06-26 kl. 00.11.16

Tomorrow the day is filled with presentations. Several of them new to me so its gonna be really interesting!



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