Time for a new week of experimenting

Ok, the weight is hig again so it’s time for a new week of testing.

The ketons are really low right now but with a small protein intake today I hope they will make a come back during the week. No business trips planned so I think I will be able to keep in line with the cabbage and minced meat…

DietDoctor has tested his ketons and bloodsugar after drinking 50cl of Pepsi Max. I will try to do a similar test on thursday but since I think Pepsi is the work of the (imaginary) devil I will have to make the tests with Coke Zero… The test is only on the Swedish site but it shows a stable bloodsugar but a drop in ketones.

Today I am back on the experimental food again. So a couple of burgers with coleslaw and butter… Its nice to be back…



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