Last night on the Independence of the Sea

Today was the last night on the cruise ship. The day had two presentations in the morning and then two great Q&As after lunch.

For lunch we went to the buffet


And for dinner I had escargots for starter…


..and as usual two mains. Beef…


…and pork


A comment valid for all intakes during the cruise. I do not eat everything you see on the plate. Potatoes, carrots and other things is left. I kind of only eat the broccoli and asparagus. Same for buffet pictures. Sometimes I do not even eat all meat.

The intake was

Skärmavbild 2015-05-30 kl. 23.12.36

I will write a lot more from the presentations once I get home. Tomorrow we will disembark and we will spend a couple of days in the Miami area.

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