First day of presentations

Today was our first full day at sea and that means presentations all day.

I started the day by walking 5 KM on the deck. 15 laps around the track. It is really windy so in one directions it was hard to even move forward. After the walk I feel muscles I didn’t know had…

During the whole day I was put on camera watch.


First up on stage was Dr Keith Runyan who’s topic was “Management of diabetes with a ketogenic diet”. The presentation was interesting but maybe slightly to advanced for me. (forgot to take a picture of Dr Runyan

Next speaker was Dr Eric Westman and he describes an initiative called HEAL. It is a clinic treating diabetes and obesity.


After Eric there was time for a really interesting presentation by Dr Justin Marchiagiani. He spoke about hormonial imbalance and blood sugar. This was the best presentation when it come to content for the day.


I was a bit hungry so I tagged along for lunch and had two plates from the buffet.





Before lunch Dana Carpenter spoke about her life with ADD (ADHAD), addictions and obesity.


After lunch Tom Naughton had a presentation based on one chapter och his upcoming book and dvd created for children. It looks really promising and the presentation by Tom was really funny.


When Tom was done Dr Eric Westman had a second presentation about the history of diabetes.

Eric was followed by Dr Philip Blair and Nancy Weber. They talked about remote low carb healthcare. Tehy have a process/method of counceling people using internet and phone.


Then it was time for Mira and Dr Jason Carlton. They presented their new book with a 28 day miracle method for weightless and better health.


Andreas was the last speaker for the day and he delivered as usual.


It was formal night so the tie and jacket was brought out of the closet. For starter I had lobster soup.


And for main I had duck. Hard to eat but really nice.


The dessert was once again cheese.


The intake was around

Skärmavbild 2015-05-24 kl. 23.25.05

Tomorrow we will arrive at Puerto Rico at 4 PM so it will not be any dinner on the boat for me. Team DietDoctor will meet up for breakfast at 8 so I might eat some and hope I can manage until we get aboard again around 10 PM(?).




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