A lot of food today

The conference the last couple of days will probaby show… Today I had plenty of food and some of it was quite “questionable”…

For breakfast I had a lot of butter, eggs, bacon and cheese.

For the coffee break I got some cherries, cream and chocolate.

For lunch we got a really nice smoked boar with horseradish

and a really nice fish

For the afternoon coffee ┬áthere was more fruits. banana, creame and chocolate again…

Even thou the resort really did make a lot of effort they did not really get the LCHF thing… Still a little to much sweet fruits and “sugar”. But the quality of it all makes me “forgive” them… I will however send them a mail to explain what was good and what was not that good…


For dinner I made a special cole slaw on cabbage, bacon may and a small can of tuna.

In total I was over 20g of carbs and over 2700 calories. Quite a lot…


The goood news came to me in the mail today. The magazine I have been asked to write about food in came in the mail today. Three pages. One with some food thoughts and 2 with receipts.



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