All aboard!

Today was embarkment day. From experience I know the day can be quite long before we get dinner on the boat så I hade a little to much breakfast. I had 1,5 of this plate…


The embracing went really good and from we left the busses I think in only took about 20-30 minutes until I had the first double espresso in the café on the promenade. Really smooth process!

I had been thinking quite a lot about what to do with the unlimited internet and the unlimited coffee/Coke Zero. The internet was a bit cheaper than what we were told “only” 140 USD for the full week. So I took the beverages packages too for 19 USD per day. I hade to drink 7,6 double espressos per day to break even. I can get bottled water and Coke Zero also. I will try to keep track of the drinking and post here. Today I had 5 double espressos and 3 coke zero refills. I also had a bottle of water. So I think I actually managed to break even… 🙂

After the first espresso I walked around a bit and took some pictures.

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I had no lunch and in the evening we went to the dinner rooms. On these cruises we are seated and it is always a bit exciting to see whom you end up with. I was very pleased with all the people “I got”. This will be a good week.

I had two starters today. Escargots and a nice coconut soup with muscles and scallops.


For main I had a pork chop with a little to sweet sauce and some veggies. I went here to eat what I always eat. Pork chop and broccoli… 🙂 I added a lot of butter too…


For dessert I took the cheese plate.


When I was finished this was left on the plate… Yes I had the strawberry.


After the dinner we went to explore the bars and I had a glass of wine at the first and kept to coke zero at the rest stops.


The intake today was pretty high and that is the brakfast tant was a little too heavy.

Skärmavbild 2015-05-24 kl. 23.25.05



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