Finally in Florida

We got up pretty early this morning to have some brakfast. I know from experience that the food on the plane is not really LCHF and I was right today too. The brakfast was just a normal Swedish breakfast, egg, bacon, cheese etc.



And once on the aircraft it broke down. They did not manage to “arm” love of the emergency exits so a technician had to solve the problem before we could take of 1,5 hours late.

The food on the plane was a chicken curry with rice. So chicken it was… Some salad and a little butter. So not much eatable.


For a snack before landing we got a sandwich and I had the cheese and ham only…


That was about all food IO had today so the intake was

Skärmavbild 2015-05-23 kl. 04.54.43

Now first sleep in almost 24 hours…


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