Long day at the airport

Our flight to Florida was canceled so we stood in the line at the airport 5 hours before we got to the ticket counter and got our flight re-booked.


I managed to get interviewed by TV4. I managed to get some said about the cruise we are going to. We had joked about how many times you could mention the “diet docs” Swedish blog adress if we were to be interview. I kept it to only once… 🙂


We got water, coffee and fruits while we were waiting.

20150521-0086--18 20150521-0086--23

When we finally got our new tickets we got the same flights but 24 ours later. We got booked into a hotel at the airport and got free dinner.

During the afternoon we had a caesar salad for lunch


And the the free dinner quite late.



The intake was

Skärmavbild 2015-05-21 kl. 22.22.33


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