Long weekend ahead

Tomorrow it is May 1st and that is a bank holiday in Sweden (and a lot of other countries in Europe). I will probably use all the weekend to get as much as possible done for our gaming project. It looks like it is going to rain so indoor activities are probably best… Maybe som shopping for the cruise too…

I had lunch with my old colleagues again today and we went to the Indian buffet. I had a little less tan I normally eat since I was not that hungry (or hungra at all really).

15 0430-TommyTappar -20150430-00002IMG_2235

For dinner I made a “Skagen” of:

  • 100 g mayo
  • 100 g chopped shrimps
  • 20 g diced onion
  • 5 g chopped dill
  • a little roe on top

A little white pepper but no salt (the roe and shrimps are “salty”)

15 0430-TommyTappar -20150430-00005IMG_2238

The intake was after eating a lot of cheese during the evening

Skärmavbild 2015-04-30 kl. 22.09.27



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