Pulled pork

All around in the LCH-community in Swede people are talking about Pulled Pork.  Even thou I am quite interested in food this was something new to me so I had to try it.

I started out with almost 2 kg of pork, some onions, garlic, chilli pepper, bourbon, liquid smoke and some stock. Everything was put in the Crock-Pot and the timer was set on 7 hours.

When the time was up it looked like this.

On the desk I started to “pull the pork” with two forks…

…untill it lokked like this.

The pork was so tender after 7 hours I barely had to use the forks…

The taste was superb adn together with some full mayo coleslaw it was a perfect dinner.

I packed the pork in portion sized bags to be used in the future.



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5 Responses to Pulled pork

  1. Jerilyn Carroll` says:

    I just found you today. This pulled pork looks like Texas Bar B Qued Pork Sounds great. There is a version with sugar so I didn’t know to do garlic instead of the sweet BBQ style. I’ve low carbed for almost 1 year and lost 60 pounds and seem stuck. I found you because I’m trying to see why I can’t lose anymore. But my real reason for low carbing is losing all of the inflammation from my body. I feel 20 pounds (not kilograms??) lighter and 20 years younger. I’m 62 so needed to feel younger.

  2. Tommy,
    That looks delicious. Could you please tell us what you put into your coleslaw? And you can do the same kind of thing with chicken breast. Put in a jar of salsa or picante sauce and cook for about 5 hours just until it begins to shred. It’s like chicken enchiladas verde without the corn or flour tortilla. Just put bottled or canned verde sauce, sour cream, monterrey jack cheese and avodaco…and enjoy! But maybe salsa and verde sauce are not low carb?
    PS – Great photo of you the other day!

    • Tommy says:

      The slaw is really easy in it’s basic form.


      150g sliced cabbage
      20g sliced onion
      0,5dl Mayo
      0,5dl Smetana (sour cream, as fat as possible 40+)
      salt, white pepper

      Then it is possible to add other things. Today I will try to add avocado. Have not tried that before…

      Pulled chicken… sounds like a good idea. I am not that found of the breasts (to little fat) but I will try with a a whole chicken on the bones to get a good stock as well…


  3. Sasha says:

    That looks yummy … i read somewhere on the website that you make your own mayo? is that true? if so what type of oil do you use


    • Tommy says:

      I think its called rapeseed oil (?). Quite cheap and maybe not the best oil but I really do not like making it with pure olive oil. Don’t rally like the taste… Sometimes I add a little olive oil, but never only olive…