Portrait photo and lunch with friends

As ordered I went to the photographer on monday to get a portrait taken for some kind of business presentation. To be honest I do not really recognize myself in a shirt and tie. I think it’s the third time in 10 years I have a suit on. The last two times before this was on the formal dinners on the low carb cruise. It’s a nice photo and I did ask for permission to show it here… 🙂

Today we had lunch together with a couple of former colleagues. Really nice to meet them and chat a bit. A small starter from the salad buffet…

…followed by a Swedish dish caller “Wallenbergare”. It’s really a burger made out of minced veal and normally served with mashed potatoes. I asked for a plate whiteout the mash and got some nice veggies instead.

For dinner I fried some chicken and had only spiced mayo on top. No veggies at all.

Later I had a low carb read with plenty of butter.




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4 Responses to Portrait photo and lunch with friends

  1. Laura says:

    you look great Tommy, congratulations for you for your success, I still can’t defeat my carbs dependance, I hope one day I could smile with that satisfaction on myself as you do.

    • Tommy says:


      One of my “pros” when I started eating Low Carb was that I have never really been that keen on sugar so I did not have to struggle with any kind of carb dependance. During my 3 years in the Low Carb community I have realized that this is one of the major issues for a lot of people. Without own experiences I think one of the keys is to have the “courage” to eat more fat. If it is better for a start to eat “to much fat” than to much sugar (carbs). A deeper thinking around this will end up in an article here and/or in my eBook…


    • Sasha says:

      What i did that helped me a great deal was as tommy said increase the fat drastically … i introduced things to my diet i have never considered before … and what i did was cut the high carb food (wheat, grains, suger) i went cold turkey … i also made sure that each day i make myself a good satisfying meal … so today even though i miss bread at times i am enjoying my food more than i have ever done … i also don’t compromise, i would eat some potatoes every now and then and maybe some corn … but never touch wheat and sugar … it was a bit tough but i no longer have cravings at all

      • Tommy says:

        Really nice to hear you have lost you cravings. If I am to “cheat” it would be on the high carb vegetables like potatoes. Never bread and sugar…